Momentum Jewelry

The founder of Momentum was in the middle of her absolute favorite gym class, stuck in a plank that just wouldn't end. While searching for anything to look at to take her mind off of how awful planks are, her eyes fell on my poor, naked wrists. That's when she knew... she needed to find a way to put what drives her to challenge myself in a place where she can always see it when she needs it! It was then that she combined her more than 20 years of jewelry making experience with her love of being healthy and her need to spread a message of encouragement and positivity.  She wanted to create quality products, made with love in the USA, designed to empower as many people as possible in a way that truly speaks to them. We all need little boosts of encouragement throughout our days, and not just during a rough workout. Maybe it's taking on those day-to-day challenges or making choices to help us on our path to self-improvement, or even when we're tackling all that comes with being a busy parent, she feel it's so important to know that support and motivation is always only an arms length away. Over the years Momentum has grown from more than just a workout-friendly jewelry company that offers motivational sayings to people looking to be inspired. At Momentum they believe in jewelry as a beautiful means of expression and in living your passion. And because they believe in the importance of instilling a healthy lifestyle at an early age, 5% of their profits are donated to a few organizations that do incredible work with our nation's youth including Girls on the Run and Action for Healthy Kids. Momentum makes everything here in the USA and prides themselves on the care they take with each piece.