Specialty Running Stores Feeling the Pain Amid Coronavirus Response
Run Washington | March 31st, 2020

"“At the end of the day it wasn’t a difficult decision [to close the store], it was the right decision to make sure we had the health and safety of our employees and customers in mind,” said Summit to Soul founder Kim Wattrick. “The greater good extends beyond the extent of keeping the store open. At the end of the day, I knew it was right.”"

The Ones to Watch
Sports Insight | September/October 2019

"What looks hot for the future: “Transitional items do really well for us, whether it’s a dress from Oiselle made of their sweat-wicking material, or a romper from Beyond Yoga that can be laid back or dressed up, customers love when something can work in more than one scenario.”"

When Metro stopped running reliably, these people started running to work
Washington Post | September 1, 2018

"“I’m a pretty fast runner,” said Wattrick, 37, who works in corporate finance for an international education company, and owns a running apparel store on Capitol Hill. “I had no problem beating Metro.” Thirty-five minutes, door to door, including time stopped at traffic lights. She didn’t just beat the time it would have taken her to navigate Metro’s single-tracking disruptions. It was slightly faster than her normal commute in the best of circumstances."

Your closet can actually improve your workout
Northern Virginia Magazine | August 22, 2018
"When athleisure boutique founder Kimberly Wattrick ran the Boston Marathon this past April, she faced freezing cold conditions, a strong headwind and torrential rain for all 26.2 miles. “I was dressed head to toe in gear from the shop and credit my PR in the race to my choice of clothes: a lightweight running rain jacket with a hood, moisture wicking capris, a warm inner base lay, wool socks, gloves and hat,” Wattrick says. “My clothing choice that day gave me not only a mental boost, but I also think helped my performance since I was able to stay relatively warm and comfortable for most of the race.”

Look good & Feel good: The latest trends in athleisure wear
WUSA9 | February 18, 2018
"One local Washington, D-C based business has set out to provide the latest trends in athleisure wear while also encouraging women to be their best selves. Summit to Soul is an athletic and lifestyle apparel boutique on Capitol Hill featuring a curated collection of women-owned, responsibly sourced athletic apparel and accessories that will take you everyone from the mat, to the mountain, and to brunch!"

3 sustainable athlesiure wear outfits from Summit To Soul
Great Day Washington TV Segment | February 16, 2018
"What makes us really different is that every brand we carry is women-owned or responsibly sourced. So by that, I mean they're made in America, they're produced with sustainable methods, environmentally friendly, or they give back to their community."

Gift ideas for the runner on your holiday list
Run Washington | December 11, 2017
"Runners’ stockings can be filled with plenty of items priced at about $25 and lower, said Summit to Soul Owner Kim Wattrick. Soaps, candles, aromatherapy sprays and the popular Skida hats and headbands are just a few of stocking-stuffer items sold at Wattrick’s Capitol Hill store." 

10 Free Outdoor Workouts in Washington to Add to Your Calendar ASAP
Washingtonian | April 13, 2017
"The new Capitol Hill athletic wear boutique, Summit To Soul, hosts a range of events—from pop-ups to book clubs—and on Wednesdays, they run from the store to the Capitol for a hill workout.  The distance totals around two to four miles, and stroller-pushers, dogs, and beginners are all welcome." 

Lace Up For The Capitol Hill Classic With A Local Training Group!
The Hill is Home | March 9, 2017
"Every year, more than 4,000 runners come out to participate in the Capitol Hill Classic, a fundraiser to support the Capitol Hill Cluster Schools. Until this year, however, official training programs were run only out of Georgetown. Thanks to our newest fitness apparel store, Summit to Soul, anyone looking to improve their distance or speed can run with a group right in the neighborhood!"

Yoga on the Run: Let's Get Physical
Hill Rag | December 16, 2016
"We wrapped up our yoga session and headed back to Summit to Soul. By this time the sun had set which made for an enjoyable last half-mile run in the dark. Friendly high-fives were made, in addition to an exchange of phone numbers to keep in touch with new workout buddies. If running and yoga are two of your favorites, or something that you want to engage in more frequently, these approachable group offerings are sure to help get you get started and stay active."

The Funemployed: Kimberly Wattrick
DCFunemployment | November 9, 2016
"No matter what endeavor I’ve taken on, I’ve always worked extraordinarily hard at it. For me, funemployment is an opportunity to take my work ethic and apply it to something that I can say I built from scratch. It’s about building a successful business that incorporates community and sustainability, living my passion and purpose, and finding ways to delight my customers every time they walk in the door." 

Capitol Hill's New Activewear Boutique is Bringing Free Workouts to the Neighborhood
Washingtonian | September 12, 2016
"'Community events are an integral part of the business. I’ve always wanted the store to be about something bigger than just the apparel and brands I carry,' says Wattrick."

New Women's Athletic Store Opens on Barracks Row
Hill Rag | August 11, 2016
"Summit to Soul, a women's athletic clothes and gear store, has opened in a 700 sq. ft. space at 727 Eighth St. SE. Owner Kim Wattrick offers sustainably-sourced, Made in USA, clothes with a focus on women-owned businesses."

Barracks Row: Welcome, Summit To Soul!
The Hill is Home | August 5, 2016
"They have pledged to carry only sustainable, eco-friendly, or Made-in-USA products. At the preview, I fell in love with an adorable cotton dress that didn’t look like anything other than a dress –no multipurpose sweat-wicking, aerodynamic engineering here. I took the dress as a sign that even the least active among us can find something lovely at Summit to Soul."

At Last - Non-Food Retail Coming to Barracks Row
Capitol Hill Corner | July 7, 2016
"Wattrick said she chose to open on Barracks Row because she 'lives on Capitol Hill and loves the community and saw a need for a women’s apparel outlet.'... Capitol Hill residents who have been pining for non-restaurant retail to return to 8th Street will undoubtedly welcome the news."