Momentum Motivate Wrap Bracelet (Very Violet)

Momentum Jewelry

The bracelet that started it all, the Motivate WrapTM is the most customizable, colorful, and inspiring jewelry out there - not to mention Momentum's most popular bracelet. Wrap it, twist it, braid it, stack it... The possibilities are pretty much endless!

Lovingly crafted in the USA using lightweight, non-tarnishing materials, (did we mention it’s also hand-washable?) this wrap is as flexible as you are. Wear it to the gym or wear it on a run. Wear it as a fashion statement, as well as absolutely everything in between.

Specially designed to not rub, squeeze, slip, or chafe, these wraps can take whatever your life dishes out.


Collections: Yoga & Accessories

Category: Bracelet

Type: Bracelet

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